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Consult the best health specialist for free
Personalized Health Care Solutions
At Ohospital Cloud Limited, we prioritize your privacy and provide a platform that puts you in control. Stay connected, stay informed, and stay empowered with our intuitive health record management and seamless doctor-patient interaction empowering you and your loved ones.
Efficient Appointment Management
Schedule, manage, and stay informed about your appointments effortlessly.
Consult your Doctor
Consult a doctor virtually for free at comfort of your home
Medical Travel
Access doctors from all over the world at the comfort of your home.
Lab Tests Simplified
Access your diagnostic results and doctor's notes directly in our app, skipping the need for frequent lab visits.
Health Financing
With Ohospital Medkit, funding your healthcare is a breeze. Simplify the process for you and your family.
Discover the Power of Ohospital App
Unlock better healthcare outcomes with just a few clicks. Experience seamless engagement with doctors, convenient medicine shopping, and hassle-free booking of diagnostic tests. All available at your fingertips, 24/7.
Empowering Your Health Journey
Take control of your well-being by making informed choices. Join the Ohospital App and unlock a world of improved healthcare outcomes. Seamlessly connect with healthcare professionals, conveniently purchase medicines, and effortlessly schedule diagnostic tests.
Security and access control.
Control access to your and/your dependent’s health records and manage authorization. Your data is always encrypted.
Secure access 24x7
View doctor’s encounter notes, test results, prescriptions, billing information, and visit history securely, anytime, anywhere.
Seamless care coordination
Your primary care provider, specialist consultant(s), and loved ones can collaborate and better care outcomes.
Save cost, but never compromise
Gain access to health products, tools, programs, and a global provider pool for less. No compromise, better outcome!
Chronology of care
View an organized and historical timeline of your health data, synchronized across practices.
Insights and trends
View key data and easy-to-read graphs to better understand how your health has evolved.
Bye, paperwork.
Take actions towards better health without the hassles of filling out lengthy paperwork.
Curated care options.
Search through thousands of vetted care providers across specialties, find, and book one that’s perfect for you.
Take Charge Of Your health, now
Sign Up to the Ohospital App and enjoy better healthcare outcomes. Engage with doctors, shop medicines, book diagnostic tests, available 24/7
Coming soon to your mobile Apps.
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